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Donnerstag, 23.01.2020 13:55

New Modules next Semester, MIEPP Buddy Program

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Dear MIEPP Students


As the semester is drawing to a close and the course registration for next semester is open, a lot of thoughts turn to the future (mostly the coming semester) and that is what this newsletter will be all about:


-          New modules next semester

-          MIEPP Buddies

-          Job


First of all, course registration is now open and a lot of you are planning the next semester. Alas, as we have two new professors next semester, there will also be a couple of new courses. However, not all courses for next semester are visible for you guys. The courses not shown are:


Analysis of Experimental and Survey Data


Development Economics


Economic Geography, Regional and Urban Economics


Sadly, I do not have any more information as of now, by the second registration period in April, all missing information will be available (such as content, specialization etc.) and you might want to keep them in mind when planning for the next semester.

At this point a small reminder: MIEPP courses are not limited in size; you will not lose anything if you wait until April with all of your course registration. I will also post more information on the seminars in the coming weeks so please be patient for a little longer.



Secondly, the MIEPP buddy program is starting. Let us set the stage:

Maybe you still remember coming to Germany and having no idea how to navigate this strange country. Or maybe you were born here and you would like to help explain this country to a foreign student. This program is designed to let higher semester students’ help new students with urgent questions (e.g. finding accommodation, coping with administrative tasks in Germany, etc.). Mainly it is supposed to help new students settle in and using your experiences as higher semester students to do so.

Please note that you help on a voluntary basis. You will not have to feel obliged to go far out of your way to help. If you are interested in joining the program, please write an email to our student representatives at miepp-studentreps AT uni-mainz.de. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me.


Finally, on of the MIEPP students brought to my attention that her position at the KfW opening up. Thus, if you are interested: https://kfw-jobs.de/index.php?ac=jobad&id=3886&curPage=1



At the end of the newsletter I also have to tell you how proud I am: I have not gotten one message that someone missed exam registration. This makes my job much more enjoyable and in the last years that is only the second semester for which this is true so good job.

That is all from me this week, I cannot believe I made it this far without a bad joke. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a nice weekend.



Christoph Wirp



Christoph Wirp
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