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Donnerstag, 07.03.2019 12:36

Seminar Deadline March 10

Von: FB 03 - Studienbüro

Dear MIEPP Students,


I hope all of you are still intact after the carnival.


This newsletter is to remind you that the deadline for the seminars is this Sunday (March 10) and I still have not gotten all that many applications.


Also, a lot of you simply listed one or two seminars so as a reminder here is an excerpt from the earlier newsletter:


“If you only rank one or two seminars, I will simply assume that all the other seminars are of equal utility to you below the ranked ones. It will in no way guarantee that you receive one of the seminars listed“


So please do not write me an email after the seminars have been allocated and complain that you did not get the one seminar you listed. As stated above, I will assume that all other seminars are second priority for you and this means that there is a good chance you will get assigned to a random seminar.


Finally, there has been a change in the meeting time of the Hett Seminar. The first meeting will now be on May 17 instead of May 10.


That is all for today, have a nice break and enjoy your free time.



Christoph Wirp



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