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Seminar Count, Exam Registration, Lecture Series and more

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Dear MIEPP Students,


First of all a happy new year to you and welcome back. Strangely, over the Christmas break, quite a few things have piled up and this newsletter will be so lengthy that I will show incredible constraint and not talk about nonsense here but get straight to it. This newsletter deals with topics including but not limited to:


-          Seminars

-          Exam registration

-          Lecture Series

-          Destatis Visit

-          Harms Colloquia


So first the seminars. Similar to last semester, we would like to have a basic idea of how many of you are planning to take a seminar in the coming semester. Usually there are not enough seminar choices in the summer semester, the seminars are crowded, and too many people do not receive a spot in the seminar they would have wanted to. To alleviate some of this issue, I would like all of you who are planning to take a seminar in the coming semester to send me an email, indicating that you want to take a seminar (or two). This is not the seminar registration; this is to get an overview on how many seminars should be offered. Of course, if you do not send an email now, you will not be excluded from the seminars later, but the close we get to estimating the number of seminar interests, the better we can cater to your needs.

So please:

Sent an email to MIEPP(at)uni-mainz.de and simply put seminar as the subject or into the email and I will count you. The deadline to write the email is January 21. If many of you indicate that you want to take a seminar there should be one or two extra seminars added to the planned number. Thank you for your support in that matter.



Secondly, as a public service announcement, exam registration will start on Monday, January 14 at 1 pm. and end Monday January 28 at 1 pm. I will write you another reminder next week (again with the details about being sick and whatnot) but just so you simply cannot miss signing up for your exams, you get a reminder this week already.



For all students taking the Research and Teaching Module:

The lecture series will take place next week on Thursday and Friday (January 17 and 18). It should show up in your jogustine calendars but so you do not forget: if you want to receive credit for this module, you have to be there the entire time!



Next, the student representatives have organized a visit to the Statistisches Bundesamt in Wiesbaden.

The trip will take place on Friday, February 8 from 10 to 12. While the tour will be in German (as German government officials have not arrived to the 21st century and cannot be expected to speak English as you probably know well), the topics will be quite math/statistics heavy so you should all be able to follow reasonably well. The main topics covered will be:

Größte Präsenzbibliothek


Daten im Rahmen VGR - Aktuelles nach Presskonferenz Zahlen von 2017


In order to participate, you can email the student representatives your first and last name. You will also need your passport (or perso if you are German).



Finally, on Monday, January 14 and 21, 2019, the following MIEPP research colloquia will take place at the chair of International Economics (Prof. Philipp Harms). If you are interested in seeing how these things work, you are welcome to look by. 


The research colloquia on Monday, January 14, 2019 will take place in the room “Software-Labor (01-115)”, Recht und Wirtschaft II:



Student Surname

First name



Polanco Villeda

Jorge Luis

Does Central America benefit from foreign direct investment?




Is "original sin" still relevant for emerging economies?



Danielle Anne

What is the role of structural change in Asian growth?


short break





Siva Kumar

What is the effect of digitalization on the Indian economy?




(How) does direct democracy affect economic performance?


The research colloquia on Monday, January 21, 2019 will take place in the room “HS VII (00 341)”, Recht und Wirtschaft II:



Student Surname

First name





(How) does monetary policy affect the income distribution in emerging markets?




Is trade in services more resilient than trade in goods - and if so, why?




Beyond GDP: (How) does FDI affect different types of national income?


short break






What is holding back Egypt?




Does migration enhance trade with migrants' countries of origin?




What are the consequences of Brexit for the UK and the EU?


While only members of the committee are allowed to actively participate in the discussion, all interested students are invited to attend the presentations.



Now we have finally come to the end of this monstrous newsletter. If you are still reading, sorry, but should you not be studying for the upcoming exams rather than reading the typical nonsense at the end of each newsletter? Either way, if you need one more reason to procrastinate, here you go:

I hope you all had a relaxing and culinary highlighted mini break and are back with full force to end the semester with high spirits and motivation. The weather is so bad that staying indoors in order to study should not even hurt too badly and I am expecting record shattering exam results from you (no pressure). Have a great week and do not stress out over the exams too much.



Christoph Wirp



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