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Donnerstag, 14.02.2019 14:27

Seminars and a lot of other announcements

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Dear MIEPP Students,


The moment you have all been waiting for, nearly as much as you have been waiting for exam time to be over, done, gone, buried deep and forgotten about is here: the seminars for the coming semester! *crowd cheers*


Well, also in this newsletter:

-          SGH Summer School

-          Jane M. Klausman  Women in Business Scholarship 2019 Application

-          Postgraduate-Program International Cooperation for sustainable Development

-          Good-luck-dance for the exams



First of all, the big one: Seminars


There is not much to say except for that usually in summer, the seminars are way overbooked and there is never enough supply for the demand of seminars (what a shame in an economics program). Yet this semester, I am more than pleased to offer you 9! Seminars. I hope you will be able to appreciate the extremely diverse offering in the coming semester.

For those of you not familiar with the process (others can skip to the timeline below), the registration for seminars is not done via Jogustine but by email (you also do not have to do anything in Jogustine after sending the email). In order to register for a seminar, please write an email to me (MIEPP AT uni-mainz.de) including your name, matriculation number, specialization and a ranking of all of the available seminars, including the instructors name, according to your preferences (highest preference 1, lowest preference 9). I will then place you into the seminars while keeping your preferences and specializations in mind as much as possible. If, due to your specialization, you have to take a seminar in a certain area (i.e. you are in international economics student and already have taken a public policy seminar), please also mention that in your email. In the same way, if you want to take two seminars, please include this information as well.

  Now, some useful pointers:               -          If you only rank one or two seminars, I will simply assume that all the other seminars are of equal utility to you below the ranked ones. It will in no way guarantee that you receive one of the seminars listed. -          If you want to write your master thesis at a chair, you can mention it in the email to me but it will also not guarantee you a spot in the seminar. -          This is not a first come, first serve procedure, I will look at all the preferences at the end of the time period and try to get everyone situated as well as possible. -          Simply because you have a certain specialization, does not mean that you have to take both seminars in this area. In fact, it is very likely that one of the two seminars is not in your specialization area.      Registration will start today, February 14 and end Sunday, March 10. This should give all of you enough time to read through the massive announcement document and hopefully I can still give out the allocation before early enough so that all of you can plan your next semester accordingly.   As always, I have attached a document with all of the relevant seminar information to this email.



Now for all of the short topics:

SGH Summer School:

I have attached the flyer to this email. Usually I am always cautious with regard to summer schools but the SGH Warsaw is one of our close partner universities so might actually be able to get credits form that summer school accepted here.


Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship 2019 Application:

I have attached the application for this scholarship to this email as well. For all of you thinking: I will never get the award for the scholarship, let me say that a MIEPP has won the award before and there really are not a super large number of applicants. Of course, if you think this sounds good and you are a man, I am sorry to tell you that you are out of luck and this is a women’s scholarship only.


Postgraduate-Program International Cooperation for sustainable Development:

The German Development Institute is offering a course. This flyer is also attached for anyone interested.


Good-luck-dance for the exams:

Actually, I was just kidding with this one. I barely know how to dance at all, much less how to do a good luck dance (that actually works). For all of you who are disappointed now, please accept my sincerest apologies for misleading you and my good luck wishes for the upcoming exams. I hope they work as well as any dance would have.



So, that was enough tomfoolery for one newsletter. If times ever get dark during this studying period, simply remember that you are the first cohort in a long time that will finish exams before Rosemontag!




Christoph Wirp


Christoph Wirp
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Link Seminar Announcement SoSe 2019.pdf

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Link JMKApplication 2019 Mainz.pdf

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