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Montag, 03.02.2020 16:26

Seminars SuSe 2020, Exam Regulation now available in English, jobs

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Dear MIEPP Students,


Welcome to the information you have been wanting and craving, you have been waiting for, the fix of information you need in your life: The Newsletter. In this week’s edition, I have:


-          Seminar announcements

-          English Exam regulation translation



First of all, the seminars. I know that exams are the premier thing on your minds (as it should be) but alas for a lot of you there will be a next semester coming in summer and with it the great opportunity to register for a seminar.

For those of you not familiar with the process (others can skip to the timeline below), the registration for seminars is not done via Jogustine but by email (you also do not have to do anything in Jogustine after sending the email). In order to register for a seminar, please write an email to me (MIEPP AT uni-mainz.de) including your name, matriculation number, specialization and a ranking of all of the available seminars, including the instructors name, according to your preferences (highest preference 1, lowest preference 9). I will then place you into the seminars while keeping your preferences and specializations in mind as much as possible. If, due to your specialization, you have to take a seminar in a certain area (i.e. you are in international economics student and already have taken a public policy seminar), please also mention that in your email. In the same way, if you want to take two seminars, please include this information as well.

Now, some useful pointers:   -       If you only rank one or two seminars, I will simply assume that all the other seminars are of equal utility to you below the ranked ones. Choice 3 is still high on the list so you might be placed anywhere. It will in no way guarantee that you receive one of the seminars listed. -       If you want to write your master thesis at a chair, you can mention it in the email to me but it will also not guarantee you a spot in the seminar. -       This is not a first come, first serve procedure, I will look at all the preferences at the end of the time period and try to get everyone situated as well as possible. -       Simply because you have a certain specialization, does not mean that you have to take both seminars in this area. In fact, it is very likely that one of the two seminars is not in your specialization area.    Registration will start today, February 3 and end Tuesday, February 25 (as the university is closed on Monday the 24th due to the Mainz carnival and I will not be at the university on the 25th due to the possibility of a hangover). This should give all of you enough time to tell me your preferences. As always, I have attached a document with all of the relevant seminar information to this email.


Secondly, the MIEPP exam regulation is (finally) available in English. I have published it on the MIEPP website and it should shortly be available in the download center. In case you are wondering what the exam regulations even are, they are the legal rules the program operates within. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of German examination rules and law, go knock yourself out *fun*. In all seriousness though: for anyone wondering what the exact rules of the master’s program are and who is not able to understand German, the information is right there now for you as well. This is only fair as up to now only German speakers were able to get to the information. Please keep in mind that while the English translation is very precise, only the German version is legally binding (as it say on top of the document).



I hope you have a nice last week of lectures and in case you do not hear from me next week, good luck on your exams! Also, never forget that examination periods do end, the misery is temporary.




Christoph Wirp


Christoph Wirp
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