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Donnerstag, 07.11.2019 14:11

Uni Communication, Student Representatives and Jobs

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Dear MIEPP Students,


I hope you are settling into the new semester, you are finding your groove; you are positively getting into the flow and are starting to cruise through. In order to help you get into the spirit, I have a newsletter containing mostly organizational stuff (exciting!) that should get you right into that craved semester feel:


-          Only uni-mail communication

-          Student representatives

-          Trainee Bundesbank

-          Doctoral position Tübingen


First and foremost, the registrar’s office administration has decided that we are only allowed to answer requests from students coming from their student email address. The first step will be sending you a reminder of this once you send an email from a private mail account and sending the answer to your uni-mail account. I realize that this might be a bit annoying and I can understand if this slips your mind sometimes. Alas, the reasoning here is to protect your personal data better as a uni-mail account is a better screen for identity than a random email address.


Secondly, and on a much more positive note, we have two new Student Representatives:

Felicia Henschler and Johannes Elz. They have access to all of the forms of communication (email, facebook, whatsapp) and if you do not know them, there are pictures on the MIEPP homepage: link

If you see them and have not already, make them feel welcome as they try to answer your questions and intercede on behalf of your problems.


Finally, the Bundesbank and the University Tübingen are looking for qualified personnel and who could be a better fit than a MIEPP student could. As always, details are attached to this email.


Now that you have read through the organizational stuff (if you didn’t, go back and read it), I hope I did not promise too much and you have fully acquired that middle of the semester feeling. I hope you have a great ride as always and learn all the things.



Christoph Wirp



Christoph Wirp
Program Manager Master in International Economics and Public Policy

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Studienbüro des Fachbereichs Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Jakob-Welder-Weg 4
55128 Mainz

Zimmer 01/321
Telefon: +49 6131 / 39 - 23099

E-Mail: MIEPP AT uni-mainz.de



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